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Superman swimming underwater - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was in a house underwater. I could breathe under the water, as could my brother and sister in law who were also there. We wanted to go up to the surface so we all pushed off the bottom of the ocean and swam towards our ship that was anchored above us. I was trying to catch up to my sister in law, which I did, but the swimming was more like flying, an effortless flight. I started pretending that I was superman and stuck my arm out in a fist. Then she grabbed my legs, so I couldn't swim any more. She wanted to beat me up to the surface. There was also a giant squid trying to attack us (saved from

THE REALITY The dreamer was currently trying to figure out what to do with her life. She is a very emotionally driven person and likes to go at things with all her heart. She knows that whatever she does she will succeed at it. She knows that she should talk through issues with her sister in law but the dreamer feels that she holds her back. She feels that her sister in law uses her niece and nephew to stay close.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream obviously has lots of water symbols so that clearly shows this is about the dreamers feelings and her emotions. The most pressing issue at the moment for her was the need to decide what she was doing with her life. If you get a water dream its often best to look into your own heart and see what your current feelings are. The dream is more than likely to be about that.

How exactly does the dream respond to her real life feelings? Well the dream featured an anchor. That perhaps is easy to understand in this dream. She is currently "at anchor" in her own life as she is living with her brother. These strong family ties are good in one sense but in another sense they are tying her down. That is why her sister in law is pulling her down.

The hero figure is probably a symbol of her own ambition. She wants to achieve things in life. She feels she can do anything.

Symbolic Meanings
ANCHOR : "the dreamer feels tied to her family"
SQUID : "emotional entanglement - the dreamer feels as though her emotional ties are entangling her and preventing her from pursuing her career"
SWIM : "trying to get to a new situation - emotional exploration"
SUPERMAN : "the dreamers own inner ambition and feelings that she can achieve anything"
UNDERWATER : "looking at something in a deep emotional sense"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I have been trying to figure out what to do with my life. Sometimes, I think that the strong and close bonds I have with my family hold me back. I do not want to leave home. "

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