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Get away from a snake - dream dictionary

THE DREAM - I am camping with friends and we're swimming in a lake, having a good time. Suddenly as I'm swimming, I see a large orange python in the water very close to me. It doesn't attack but I know I have to get away from it as fast as possible. I start swimming away from it, and as I do, I realize I have no clue as to where it is, I just know it's in the lake and can get me. I start splashing around to try to scare it away, sure that this is a good tactic to keep it from getting me. In the middle of this splashing, my point of view (of my dream) switches to UNDER water, so that I'm looking up at the surface from very deep. I'm not actually that deep in the water looking up, it was simply a view of my dream. From this point of view, I see the shadow of the snake swimming against the brightness of the light from above. I don't remember the end of the dream.... I just know I was scared throughout it.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had broken up with her boyfriend of 14 months because of religious differences. They never fought and were still in love. They slept together several times since the breakup. The dreamer was starting to realize that she would have to stop having sex with him if she was going to heal emotionally.

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1. The key portion of the dream features the dreamer 'having to get away'. Dreams work in this kind of way. It could easily represent the need to get away from her ex in order to heal. He maybe portrayed as a snake which seems inappropriate. But the snake represents something that you need to keep away from.
DREAM ANALYSIS The dream seems to linked to the dreamers need to get away from her ex. It covers the following themes.
- A need to get away

Together the dream captures these real thoughts "I have ended my relationship but we still have occasional sex. But really I have got to stop seeing him or I will not heal at all."

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