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Chased by teacher killing and shooting dream

THE DREAM - Okay, so the dream started out in a school. I was being chased by this teacher who thought I was "hot". He was killing other people, but couldn't catch up with me. I kept hiding from him in closets and things of that nature. Eventually I somehow got free and ran outside, taking a risk at him seeing me. I was afraid he was going to shoot me as I ran away. I ran outside and the outside was my grandma's old neighborhood. In fact the doors to the school are where my grandma's old house was. I ran to the right, screaming Ivey because my old childhood friend lived to the right a few houses down. I ran up to her door and rang the doorbell twice.

It was the middle of the night and most people were sleeping. Well, from inside the house I heard Ivey say "Ginger!" And then I said "it's important" to know I wasn't disturbing them for nothing. She opened the door and I hurried inside. I felt safe. It was weird because Ivey was the same age of the last time I saw her. The inside of the house was changed slightly. The rooms were different. I remember blue living room furniture in the dream. We were sitting in their living room and I told Ivey's mom all about what happened and she said she would protect me and even drive me to my dad if I wanted to go. But I didn't want to risk going outside. I looked at the door, it was locked, but the chain wasn't on it, so I went and I put the chain lock on to the front, then to the back door.

The teacher was getting in the house somehow so we had no choice but to flee. There was a crack in the wall, but it was like a crack in a mountain, with rock all around. Ivey's mom was holding the way up and Ivey and I went out the crack. Now more people were with us and we had to be careful going over the rock "bridge" which didn't look like any sort of bridge to me.

We started going into the ocean. Against the current, out towards the sea we were walking. The water got very deep. We were up to only our heads sticking out. There were rolling rocks coming from the sea, going to the beach. We had to dodge them as we kept going out further. We looked back at the beach and someone said we take the mountain path. It was covered in green grass. So we started for shore, and to the path.

When we got out of the water, we were apparently naked. My crush was there. His team mates were there as well. I didn't want to look at his nakedness because I didn't want it to look obvious to everyone that I was looking and I was scared that maybe his manhood was little. But, I knew his team mates had seen him naked in the locker room. Anyway, I held his hand as we made way up the mountain path. I was comfortable with our nakedness, even though I didn't want to look at him.

THE REALITY The dreamer was not completely comfortable around her crush. He was not completely comfortable around her either. She was friends with his mom, and noticed that she was a lot more comfortable around him when she is there.

THE INTERPRETATION This was a difficult dream to interpret. Dreams do symbolise the feelings that we have. In this case the emotions are maybe quite complex.

The school symbolises the lesson in life that the dreamer is learning. School dreams often show that we are having feelings that are somewhat unfamiliar. She is uncomfortable around her crush. Perhaps this shows that she is uncomfortable in been seen as "hot". She is just entering the grown up world of sexual attraction and its somewhat difficult for her.

The symbols in the school all point to awkward behavior. The closet is a sign of hidden and awkward feelings. She was not wanting to be seen - another clear sign of lack of full confidence in the situation. The fear that she was going to be shot whilst running away probably relates to the fear of been found out in her lack of confidence in the situation. When you shoot someone you target them and point them out in a hostile way. It therefore signifies how you become the centre of attention for negative reasons.

The second part of the dream features the grandmothers old house. The grandmother is a symbol of the type of behavior a grandmother exhibits. A grandmother can symbolise several things but in this case she symbolises an unthreatening situation. Dreams make associations and the unthreatening behavior of the grandmother symbolises the unthreatening nature of the situation when her crush is together with his mom. In such a situation the dreamer feels less awkward.

Notice too that the dream is not actually in the grandmothers house - its in a friend nearby. So that maybe is a very complex symbol. A neighbour often symbolises how something is like something - but not totally similar. In this case the crushes mother is like a grandmother in the way she acts (unthreatening) and yet is not actually a grandmother.

The dreamer wishes to stay in the house because she there is fear outside it. That is associated with the situation in real life. She wants to stay in that unthreatening atmosphere otherwise it becomes very scary for her.

Water often links to emotions and emotional involvement's in the world. In this case the rocks are tricky and the progress is against the tide. That all symbolises the type of tricky emotional involvement she has with her crush.

Nakedness is a fear of vulnerability. In this case it may also link to feelings of sexual vulnerability. But in this case it merely symbolises the common them,e of the dream - awkwardness.

The last part of the dream shows the path ahead. The mountain s maybe symbolise the future. Mountains can symbolise our hopes. Mountains can also symbolise the trickiness of a situation. In this case it probably represents the path ahead for the dream. She realises that her relationship with her crush is difficult but has confidence that things will come good. In truth she recognises that the path will not be easy but that's where she is intent on heading. That's her goal and she does not mind how long it will take or how difficult it is.

Symbolic Meanings
BEACH : "thinking over some issue which involves your feelings and your real life situation"
MOUNTAIN : "a tough uphill struggle - the dreamer realises this will be a challenge but she knows that she is meant to be with her crush"
NAKED : "thoughts connected with vulnerability"
ROCK : "obstacles and problems in her relationship with her crush"
SHOOT : "point out a problem - reveal an error"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think I am understanding something about myself. I am nervous in front of my crush. But I tend to be a lot less nervous when I am with his mother. I think that we are made for each other and that eventually we will get together."

See how the symbolic meanings portray the dreamers own emotions

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