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Insecure flat in mansion - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was in some mansion house. It seemed to have been made into flats. I was getting a flat here. There was a partition between the two flats but it was something that you could climb over (like a wall that did not go all the way to the ceiling). I was thinking that it was not all that secure.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had been thinking about his future. Up until now he had been very isolated and lived by himself. Now he was forming some strong friendships particularly with a female friend who had been a good influence on him.

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1. MANSION. Houses have often been said to represent the self and so link to matters regarding your own personality. Studies of dreams has shown that mansions link to your own personality as it mixes in with others. Its about the influence that other people have on you.
2. SECURE WITHIN HOME. Dreams use symbols to represent key emotions. In this case the dreamer was very insular. He kept himself to himself and tried to keep others out of his business. So a flat which did not have secure walls would very much be seen as an invasion of his own personal life. So this dream could easily represent his wish to let others into his life.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers wish to let people into his life. The dream deals with the following themes
- Your own personality in relation to others.
- personal privacy

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I am starting to be a lot less isolated. If I am to continue I will have to be less defensive and paranoid. I will have to let people into my life and tell them about things."

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