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Beautiful sky - dream analysis

A best friend dream took place as the dreamer was thinking he should do what he wanted and have a good day out the next day. Best friends might appear when you wish to do as you please or you want to find an ideal solution

THE DREAM - I was in a semi detached house. My best friend was there. I was looking at clouds to see how beautiful the sky looked.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a keen photographer and was frustrated at not having enough time to pursue his hobby.

DREAM ANALYSIS The way that the dreamer looked at the sky was important in this dream. He especially took note of the state of the light when deciding if he was going to go out and take photos.

Best friends in dreams often link to an ideal situation. The dreamers ideal situation would be to have freedom to pursue his hobby. The houses in this area of town where semi-detached. That is important and is a synonym. It showed that the dreamer enjoyed his others commitments including work but wished at times to be partially detached from these commitments. Photography is a hobby that you do not easily fit into a schedule. Often you have to wait for the right conditions to get the ideal landscape photo. But with other commitments that is not always possible.

Symbolic Meanings
BEAUTIFUL SKY : "ideal conditions to take photos"
SEMI DETACHED : "a little more freedom - the dreamer would like to be semi detached from his job to pursue his hobby on certain days"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I enjoy my job. But I regret not having time for my hobby - photography. My job sometimes takes all my energy. Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day for taking photos"

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