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Witch pushed down cliff dream

THE DREAM I was watching the waves crashing along the coast. There was a huge swell rolling in. I thought it looked really exciting(I take photos of surfers). I went over to it. Then I was attacked by a witch. I struggled with her and managed to trip her up. She fell down the cliff into the sea.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been struggling with ill health for years. The day before he had a tooth out and he was starting to feel a lot better. He had been convinced that his bad tooth was causing lots of health problems such as headaches and hay fever. But he had been unable to convince the dentist that it needed to be taken out.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are about new feelings and insights into our own personal problems and situations. So its always best to see how your dreams could represent new ideas and thoughts that have been developing. In this case the dreamer had been thinking about his health. He had been dogged by headaches and problems for a few years. But the day before he had a tooth out and suddenly his health was much better.

In the dream the dreamer was feeling strong and was up for a challenge. He saw some huge waves and was excited at the size of some huge waves. In real life taking surfing photos was a real challenge. It involved a degree of danger as he had to venture into the cold and rough sea to take the pictures. This is exactly the kind of challenge that he would be wanting to undertake if his health was better. This was exactly the kind of thing he was finding difficult during his period of ill health.

The witch is a symbol of evil. Perhaps in this case we could say that the witch symbolizes the feeling that he was cursed by ill health. So overcoming and defeating the witch represents his attempts to recover his health.

The mood in the dream was really quite new. It was one of excitement and energy. Up until recently he had been unable to get into such a mood because of nagging health problems. So the dream represents the recover of energy and enthusiasm and the wish to pursue challenges.

Symbolic Meanings
WITCH : "The dreamer had felt cursed by ill health"
STRUGGLED AND WON BATTLE : "The dreamer had struggled with and overcome huge problems with ill health"
WAVES : "The big waves reminded the dreamer of surfing - Surfing photography was the type of activity the dreamer would hope to get involved in if he could get his health back"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel a lot better since I had that tooth out. I woke up feeling better and my hay fever has gone. This is a really good sign. I am sure many of my problems were connected to that bad tooth. I was starting to feel cursed by ill health. Now I just might have overcome the problems"

See how the symbolic meanings use metaphors to capture the dreamers insights into his health from the day before

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