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Gambling with family dream

THE DREAM I was at a family gathering. I was gambling. I was showing everyone this new game of cards. I suggested that we go round and have a practice run. We were going to play the game for money. I had lots of clean and crisp hundred dollar notes.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Just recently the dreamer had turned up to meet his grandmother and another distant relative was there. The dreamer had been on welfare for sometime and was embarrassed because of it. This distant relative did not know this and continually asked if he had a job. He was very embarrassed because of it. Occasionally he played cards for small amounts of money with his grandmother. The dreamer felt embarrassed winning money off his grandmother (which he usually did) even though it was only a few cents.

The dreamer felt that he was somehow "taking advantage" in the dream. He was almost duping people to play a game of cards that was new to them. Obviously if they played for money then he would have an advantage.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams tend to be about important new feelings. The day before the dreamer had felt embarrassed when a distant relative continually asked him if he had a job. He felt ashamed because he was on welfare. How could this situation link to the dream?

In real life the dreamer was ashamed because he was on welfare yet welfare is not mentioned in the dream. Yet the dream does feature gambling. This may have a connection to this feeling of being ashamed because he was on welfare. Gambling is associated with dirty money and people taking advantage. For people who hate those who are on welfare the worst kind are those who have welfare yet also show signs of having money. This taps into this kind of feeling "He is on welfare yet he always seems to have money."

For this dreamer playing cards had a particular relevance because he often played cards with his grandmother. He felt ashamed that he usually won money off her even though it was only a few cents. If we relate this to the real life situation the day before it could capture this feeling "I was at my grandmothers last night and this distant relative continually asked if I had a job and I just evaded the question. I feel ashamed because I am on welfare. I just worry what she would think if she knew I played cards with my grandmother and regularly won money off her." So the dream could tap into the dreamers distant relative feeling this "He is on welfare and I have heard he regularly wins money off his grandmother"

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