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Huge waves drowning - dream analysis

In real life the dreamers sister was having a hard time. So a dream that depicts her being attacked by sharks could simply be a symbol for her hard times.

THE DREAM - My sister almost got ate by a shark. And after she escaped a huge wave came and we all went under water. Then they just kept coming. I was able to climb up a big cliff so they couldn't reach me but it still went a little over my head but I was able to stand the waves. And my sister and her little daughter was on the beach and she was trying to hold her daughter up so she could breath but she kept falling down. So I told my sister to bring her to me and she would be safe on the cliff. And my mom and grandmother were also with me on the cliff but my grandmother was writing her Will.

THE REALITY The dreamers sister was going through a hard time in her life. The dreamer was offering to look after her sisters daughter. She always worries about them a lot.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams will tend to link to recent thoughts and feelings. It is easy to see how the dream links to the dreamers worries about her sister. The huge waves represent the huge problems her sister was having. The dreamer is helping save her sisters child representing her wish to help the child in real life by looking after her. Its a very emotional dream which probably shows the dreamer was in a very emotional mood about this. She stated that she was very worried continually which shows it was a very emotional issue.

A dream will often depict a very general thought. However, that general thought is embedded in a story line which often confuses the dreamer. The dreamer might ask questions like "There was a tidal wave in the dream so I am worried that there will be a tidal wave which. This could be a premonition" or "The dream depicted a tidal wave and we don't even live by the sea." Actually the dream simply captures the feeling "My sister is having problems. I want to help her and especially want to make sure that all these problems don't affect my little niece. " The dream plays out these emotions with this story line.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My sister is having a hard time right now. I keep offering to look after her child."

See how the symbolic meanings capture a feeling about her sister

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