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Talking with deceased neighbor dream symbolism

A dream of talking in a contrived and awkward way took place as the dreamer had been thinking about his conversations with someone which were contrived and awkward.

THE DREAM - I am in my house. I am looking at my next door neighbor(he died several years ago and has been replaced by the worst possible neighbor). I am trying to talk to him but its a bit contrived.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been regretting his actions towards a woman he had recently met. He had got upset about something and ended up treating her in an ignorant way. Now he realized how special this woman was and wanted to go back to how things were when he first met her.

DREAM SYMBOLISM This dream is typical of many in that it seems totally unrelated to reality. Yet deeper analysis of the symbols shows that the dream perfectly captures the dreamers key thoughts about a relationship.

The man in the dream is dead. So in a way the whole scenario is wrong. But that's the whole point - the mind has chosen this symbol exactly for this reason. In real life the dreamer was thinking how he could not turn back time. This man had died and so you cannot talk to him. In real life his opportunity with this woman was lost and that was that.

In reality the dreamers neighbor had died and was replaced by some really bad neighbor anti social neighbors. Maybe this is part of the symbolism of the dream. In real life the dreamer had descended into a very bad anti social mood which had destroyed all chances of any kind of relationship with a very special woman.

DECEASED : "It is not possible to talk to this dead neighbor so this symbol represents a lost opportunity"
CONTRIVED and AWKWARD : "The dreamer was wanting to make amends with this woman but felt that any attempts would be awkward and contrived"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer "I have really messed things up with this woman. She is such a sweet and special person and I ignored her for some stupid reason. Now I am going to find it difficult to go back to how things were. That opportunity has gone"

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers thoughts about a relationship.

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