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Foreigners think I am a criminal dream

The night before this dream the dreamer had heard his neighbour cry out in pain. He was aware that help would soon be on hand as she had an emergency communicator on her at all times. This dream features neighbours so thats a good hint that this dream is about that subject.

DREAM - Foreigners think I am a criminal I was living in a house with Chinese neighbours. I did not know them at all. They had some distrust of me because they thought I was a criminal or they were criminals(something like that).

This dream was posted on on the December 26, 2011, 14:01 by Feeling guilty. It was viewed 78 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:The night of the dream my sleep was disrupted by a neighbour who was very ill. She is looked after by social services. I have never really got on with her. She has always disliked me so I always try to keep away from her. No she is housebound and occasionally goes into hospital if she falls. I occasionally hear her fall in the night and then shortly after someone from social services comes round to see to her. This night she fell over and I heard a scream. Then it was sometime before she was seen to. I heard her screaming in pain. At one point I thought of trying to help but I do not have a key so it would have been pointless. The best thing was to just wait till she got seen to but it made me feel really guilty.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well dreams represent YOUR THOUGHTS and an issue like you mention will represent some KEY FEELING associated with this issue. Its just a matter of finding out how the symbolism works. Here are the two definitions which are relevant to this dream.

CRIMINAL: Breaking some unwritten rule and being made to feel like a criminal

FOREIGNERS: People you have nothing to do with and cannot Mix easily with.

So if you decode the dream it represents this more complex feeling. -

"I do not mix with her very much. She has been a grumpy neighbour who clearly dislikes me so I have always kept myself to myself. I felt really guilty just lying there hearing her scream. It was almost criminal NEGLECT. But I did not have a key so could do nothing. People did come and eventually she was seen to."

Try to see how this dream captured this complex thought and wove different symbols which seemed totally unrelated to your life... but in fact captured a key feeling

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