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Countdown to Hitler dream

THE DREAM In the first part of the dream I seemed to be assessing how worried I was in the countdown to something happening. I seemed to be saying something like "I am OK so far". The closer I came to the event the more danger there was of me becoming very panicked. Then it seemed as if I was Adolf Hitler or I was watching Adolf Hitler. He (or I) were saying "what did you mean send them on their way to me". But then someone interjected "no don't even think about it. Stop right there."

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamer was facing something the next day which was making him panic badly. He was monitoring himself to see how panicky he was nearer the event. He was prone to bad panics and this was something which would severely test him. So what was happening in the dream, monitoring himself to see how panicky he was becoming the nearer to the event, was an exact mirror of what he was doing at that moment as a fateful deadline was approaching. The second part of the dream seems to capture the feeling "I am prone to being very paranoid and I have to guard against this". With something happening the next day which would be very trying his dream was telling him to fight against these suspicions.

The moment in the dream where Hitler became suspicious made the dreamer think of a documentary he had watched the day before about spies sent by the Nazis. The programme had shown how these spies had become double agents and how they had turned against Hitler. In the dream a naturally paranoiac man starts to have real suspicions about double agents and questions something. This situation had very real relevance to the dreamer at that time. The dreamer was recognising his own tendency to panic and become paranoid.

Hitler was one of the most paranoid men in history. At his worst he was deluded and power mad. He really had no grasp on reality at all. So the dream probably links to the dreamers own paranoia and his lack of grasp on reality, like Hitler.

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