Frozen snake cannot bite - dream dictionary

The night before this dream the dreamer was informed that his mother had died. He hated his mother as she abused him. Surely this dream of a snake links to those bad feelings

THE DREAM - The night I was informed of my mothers death I had a dream. This time there was a large ugly venomous snake, like the ones in my recurring dreams, frozen deep within the ice of the lake I live on. In my dream it was the middle of the winter and frigid. Interestingly the place were I found the snake was located in a spot on the lake near where we ceremonially cast my brother's ashes when we memorialized his death (suicide). I was frightened of the frozen snake yet I chipped away at the ice to dig the snake out. When I cleared the ice away from the snake I saw that its head had been severed. There was no chance that they snake could bite.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had a strong sense of revulsion towards his mother as far back as he could remember. He felt no sense of sorry at her death just relief. He had been sexually and emotionally abused.

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1. The large ugly venomous snake was like the one that appeared in urring dreams. The dreamer saw this as a symbol for his mother whom he deeply hated.
2. The snake was frozen and there was a real sense of finality that the snake could not bite. This could easily symbolise the death of the dreamers mother which had just taken place. The fact that she could not touch him any more. That the abuse he had suffered for years was now over.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers mother who had just died. The dream seems to deal with the following themes:
- Something is really not a threat any more

If you weave together the different themes you find that they capture these thoughts -"My mother is dead. She cannot affect me any more."

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