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Guidance of angel

The day before this dream the dreamer felt that her husband was a bad husband but a good father. Try to see how this dream relates to that.

THE DREAM I'm in some sort of survival cabin, together with a group. I don't know the other people in the group. We have an instructor, he explains when the time is there, Jim (I don't know for real, it's just easier to tell my dream by giving him a name) needs to put big pressure on a spot on the ground, marked with an X as he is chosen from above. (god/gods).

We should practice, the instructor, just stays but doesn't do anything else. Time seems to fly to quick and instead of practising, Jim needs to do it in real, because of a coming Tidal wave. (Tsunami)

Jim is afraid to do it (he just have to jump really hard on the X on the floor of the cabin) His fear has taken him over. He was supposed to be the one to lead us. The instructor, which I now believe must be some sort of angel) just sits and observe us. Since nobody is is taking the lead and Jim is supposed to be the one to jump on the X. I try to talk courage in to him, saying it is easy, and want to jump with him, he has to do something before it's all over without trying. The rest of the group just sits there waiting for the Tidal wave, waiting for the instructor to take action. I just know the instructor does nothing but observe. I'll try to explain what's going to happen. And I instruct everyone the keep their breath when I say it's time to do so, the others say we will never make it and I say, what if it's just a "little" Tidal Wave / Tsunami , or just the top of the wave, we are going to make it then, we are going to live. And even in my dream I knew I'm afraid of drowning in real life (after near drowning experience) I was not afraid of it.

I still try to make Jim jump, which seems to work, the instructor advises me to keep trying as he thinks Jim is almost ready to jump. We finally jump together, just in time, after a few jumps and encouraging words, it works. The dream stops as soon as the X is jumped right. My feeling is it's the beginning, we survived.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION yesterday I decided my husband is a good dad, but not a good partner. That I was not to be be ashamed to amid this, but also that taking extreme actions is not necessary, yet. Not sure I'm open for him to try to win my heart again.

Posted at September 30, 2012, 03:07 by jodi (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED September 30, 2012, 05: 7: 47)
Well I am sure that Jim represents your husband. Jumping represents your wish and his need to win back your heart. Jumping is a symbol of his need to make that change.

The angel probably symbolises the support of other people - probably your mother in law and family as in your other dream.

The instructor doesn't do anything... I think it kind of captures the feeling... "Its all down to my husband... he knows what to do. He does not need any guidance. If he decides to make more of an effort then it will be appreciated."

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