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Dream symbolism - police shooting

A dream about place called Hinderwell demonstrates the way in which dreams use word plays. The dreamer had been thinking about his need to hinder his boss in finding out the truth. So Hinderwell was a symbol of his need to "hinder his boss well"

THE DREAM - HINDERWELL - I am at a house which is someone called Mr. Right lives in. My best friend is in the house. The police are there and he has cornered and then they shoot right into the house. There house is riddled with bullets. Then the word Hinderwell appears in my mind. Finally all that remains is for the sister of my best friend and me to go in and collect the body.

THE REALITY The dreamer had not done a task at work that she was due to complete. She had to think up and excuse or explain away this fact. The dream was about that.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Dreams can often link to issues from the day before but they can equally symbolise our thoughts about something that is likely to happen on the actual day of the dream. In this case something was on the dreamers mind. He had not completed a work task and feared been found out.

The key to this dream is in the word plays. This dream features this word HINDERWELL. This is a name of an area in the dreamers home town. Its an obvious play on words and can easily link to the wish to "hinder some investigations as well as possible".

It just so happens that there was a situation where such a theme was highly relevant. So that's clearly what this dream is about. The dreamer was clearly having to think up some arguments to defend himself. What exactly does the dream mean though?

Guns often link to well targeted and precise criticism. In this case this may show that he needs to be prepared to face lots of tough questions about his work task.

The dream also features another strong wordplay. The Mr. Wright is clearly a wordplay here which links to issues of right and wrong.

Symbolic Meanings
BEST FRIEND : "my own ideal situation"
CORNER : "unseen consequences"
HINDERWELL : "a play on words - a wish to hinder her boss"
MR. WRIGHT : "a synonym - the need to find the RIGHT path"
POLICE : "being caught out breaking the rules"
SHOOT : "focusing on the rules that have been broken"
SISTER : "think openly and freely on a subject - thinking through what is likely to happen"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have not completed my task at work. I am sure to be found out. But I do not really want to get caught. "

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