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Dream interpretation - mother and father in ambulance

THE DREAM In my dream, my father hit my mom over the head while I was not there. When I got home, someone told me that they hired a security guard to keep my father away from my mother. I told the security guard to go away because this was my mom and dad and there was no way he did this to her. So, the security guard turned into a Doctor and walked away saying "Your mother is going to die!" I begged him not to leave because I didn't know that but he left. By the time I got back to the house, my mother had died. I could look out the window of the house and see the paramedics putting her in the ambulance with my family standing all around except me, my mom and my dad were in the house. She was saying something that meant I'm still alive. My dad then started to strangle me and I ran. I ran to a mall where I eventually found my mom and we got into our old car. We drove until we saw a white ford Taurus behind us. We both thought that the car was going to blow up any minute so we planned on jumping. Then I woke up and had a panic attack!

THE REALITY The dreamer was under a lot of stress at this time as she had moved to a different city and was dealing with many things. Her father had made some promises and could not keep them. This had caused problems for the dreamer and now she was learning not to necessarily trust what her father says.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If the dream features someone and that person is featuring in their thoughts in a major way its fair to assume that the dream could be about them. Here the dreamer is beginning to realise that she cannot totally trust what her father says. In the dream there is evidence of her current mindset. In the dream she begins by believing in her father and defends him. But as the dream continues her father attacks her and her mother. When violence exists in a dream its often best to to exaggerate its importance. Here the father is hitting the daughter because he has caused her problems in real life.

Doctors can appear in dreams as a symbol of honest and deep examinations. Perhaps this links to the dreamers examination of her own thoughts. Her first inclination is to support and defend her father but now she is starting not to trust what her father says.

One of the most difficult symbols here is the dreamers mother. She probably symbolises the dreamers own happiness and sense of emotional security. She symbolises emotional support. Here her mother is under attack because she does not feel the same sense of security.

Symbolic Meanings
DOCTOR : "An honest and deep examination of her own thoughts about her father"
FATHER : "her father appears as himself as problems he has caused are on her mind"
GUARD NOT NEEDED: "the dreamer had total trust in her father"
MOTHER : "the dreamers own peace of mind and sense of security and support"
PARAMEDIC : "immediate problems in the dreamers life. Problems caused by her father which require immediate solutions"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My father made some promises he could not keep. I am learning not to trust what he says now as trusting him has created more problems"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has had into her fathers behavior

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