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Dream symbolism - phone disconnected

Dreams are like short plays which reveal your feelings. In this dream the dreamer is desperately trying to contact her ex - surely this simply demonstrates her wish to get back together with him.

THE DREAM I am trying to call my ex boyfriend. I try dialling the number but make a mistake in dialling. Next I cannot get through or get disconnected. This happens many times until finally I give up.

THE REALITY The dreamer had gone through a relationship break up. She desperately wanted to get back together.

THE INTERPRETATION Phones are very much symbols of communication. It shows that perhaps you really desire that someone should know your feelings. In this case the dreamer had broken up a few weeks previously. She wanted to tell him how she felt and how she wanted to get back together. But in the dream her phone calls do not get through. That shows that he is unwilling to listen to what she is saying and maybe does not consider her feelings at all. In giving up she is perhaps accepting that she has to move on.

Symbolic Meanings
DIAL : "trying to get in touch"
PHONE : "a wish to communicate her feelings to her ex boyfriend"
TRY : "make every attempt"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I still want to get back together with my boyfriend. If I could just tell him how I feel."

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