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Dream symbols - bears and German shepherd dog

THE DREAM I Dreamt that an adult was feeding the bears at a river. There are numerous types of bears, polar bears, brown bears, black bears. I see 10 bears in river maybe fishing, but I am throwing some sort of meat, maybe fish but not sure. The bears are large, medium and small. I only saw me feeding them. But I must have been there maybe picnicking with family because my dog was with me. The only thing is the dog is an old dog that I had. I owned a German shepherd when I was young. Silver gray in Color. This dog must have been playing in the background cause all of a sudden she howls and we find that one of the smaller bears have bitten her. Then a vet or some sort of medical person appears and calms the dog down and give her a sedative because she starts convulsing because the bear had bitten the dog. The dog settles down and I go back feeding the bears. Time passes as the dog had puppies.

THE REALITY In real life the dreamer was about to move from Massachusetts to Texas with her sixteen year old deaf child.

THE INTERPRETATION This dreamer was about to make a major move to a new state. That's enough to generate a dream. In some way this dream captures her feelings about this move.

Rivers tend to be symbols of energies. In this case they could link to the enormous energy involved in moving. Its obviously a huge move.

Bears are huge and aggressive creatures. They can obviously link to aggression and pushiness. That's not so much in a physical sense but more emotional. We are all trapped in aggressive and trying circumstances. The dreamer is feeding the bears and so maybe is aware of the need to act assertively. She is maybe willing to show a touch of moodiness towards her daughter in order to get things done. Such a move needs organization and effort. Things have to be done and often it will involve a need for discipline. She may even allow herself to show moods when normally she would not.

But the puppies are symbols of the long term nature of the move. They symbolise new growth and fresh new circumstances which will shortly be born into her life.

Symbolic Meanings
BEARS : "trying times and difficult challenging circumstances - the immediate difficulties in moving"
BEAR BITES : "the dreamer maybe shouts or snaps at her daughter due to the pressure of the move"
DOGS : "family members"
PUPPIES : "new energy in your life - in this case the move to Texas will give birth to new circumstances which will be for the best"
RIVER : "your efforts and energies devoted towards some task - in this case the enormous efforts in moving"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know that this move is going to be difficult in the short term. Its such a long way. Yet I do know that its for the best. I am a little moody and stressed out at the moment. I have not got time to devote much attention to my daughter right now and she really has to do as she is told right now. It will not do her any harm and its all for the best."

See how the different symbolic meanings join together to form the dreams meaning

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