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Shooting gangster - dream interpretation

We may see the killing in this dream as a symbol for the dreamers mental health problems. We may see the killing as a symbol for the irritability and tendency to confront people which happened when the dreamer got very depressed.

THE DREAM - I was in a building with gangsters. I suddenly realised that I was in danger so I started to shoot the gangsters. It was kill or be killed. I managed to kill them all.

THE REALITY The dreamer was prone to depression. She tended to lack trust in people. She had recently become more withdrawn and paranoid. She was not willing to trust anyone.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams tend to link to recent events. New feelings and thoughts. It is a matter of matching the mood in the dream and seeing how it can represent real life. In real life this dreamer had been feeling really paranoid and was not trusting people. She started to act in a destructive way ending friendships necessarily.

Gangsters in a strange way symbolise the paranoia. You cannot trust a gangster. They are pushy. They will pretend to be friends but will shoot you in the back when least expected. Gangsters therefore represent a lack of trust in life.

Dream dictionary meanings
GANGSTERS : "not being able to trust properly"
KILLING : "The dreamers own tendency to destroy relationships"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I cannot trust people properly. I am starting to become paranoid again and cutting myself off from people"

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