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Dream interpretation - killing aliens

THE DREAM I was shooting aliens. I was chased by a Darlek. I was thinking to myself that I would have a big advantage over them because they were having to go up and down hills. I was then in a room with them and destroyed them by letting off a bomb. They were blown up as I left the room.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been alienated very from his workplace. He was getting on very badly with several people and really wanted to just avoid them. He in particular was trying to avoid one person (a woman) in particular.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams will often link to recent thoughts and feelings. This dreamer had been very alienated at his workplace. He had been having difficulties with a woman in particular. He had been trying to ignore her but she really did not like this. The dream can be seen to represent his feelings about this situation.

The aliens probably stand for his feelings towards this woman. Although he was attracted to her he also felt that she lived a very different lifestyle to his. He felt she lived in a different world.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
ALIENS : Aliens can be symbolic of any enemies. They could be symbolic of anyone we wish to avoid (naturally we try to avoid aliens as they could be dangerous). In this case the alien could represent this woman that the dreamer wishes to avoid.
DARLEKS UPHILL : Darleks are notoriously easy to beat as they cannot go up stairs. In real life this woman was appearing difficult as she would not let the dreamer ignore her. This was causing the dreamer stress. But he finally felt as if he was getting through to her. Avoiding the Darleks was a symbol for her wishing to avoid this woman. Since Darleks cannot go uphill by definition this could tap into feelings like "I wish I could avoid her" or "she will have no chance to follow me"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really just want to ignore this woman and all those with her. I do not feel as if I am part of their world. She really does not like being ignored though and I am finding it very difficult. But its not so difficult to ignore someone"

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