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Dream - euphoric reunion

THE DREAM - I had a very euphoric dream. I remember the words 'it is you?' It was like someone had remembered me and had given me a wonderful, friendly, warm welcome . They recognised me and were pleased to see me.

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer was due to visit somewhere he had not visited for a long time. He had fallen out with the people there and had avoided going there.That next day he was due to go there with someone. His mind was full of thoughts. He was wanting to avoid them but part of him hoped for meeting with them. The dream captured one aspect of his emotions - his wish to make up.

THE INTERPRETATION If we have overwhelming emotions then they will continue through the day. Then at night they will find an outlet in our dreams. This dreamer was due to go somwhere he had been avoiding because he had fallen out with people there. He had not changed his opinions and still was intent on giving them the cold shoulder. But the very thought of going there reawakened all the good memories he had there.

The dream caught this exact feeling "I am due to go back tomorrow for the first time in ages. I am intent on giving them the cold shoulder. But the thought of going back there has reawakened all my good memories." dreams capture our emotions and sometimes these are mixed emotions. A dream will often capture the side of you that you are trying to repress.

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