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Scotland baby dream analysed

Dreams use symbols to demonstrate some thought or theme. This dream uses Scotland as a symbol of remoteness.

THE DREAM I am in some house which appears quite poor and run down. I think of Scotland in the dream for some reason. Later I am later playing with a baby. I pick up the baby but he appears to be very heavy.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had got a laptop with wireless connections. The aim had been to get this computer so she could use it in public places such as cafÉs, libraries and community centres. But the dreamer was beginning to think that this would not be as successful as she had hoped.

DREAM ANALYSED The baby is a good link to this dream . Babies symbolise new ideas and emotions. In this case the dreamer was just getting interested in wireless computers. But unfortunately it was not working out very well. That links to the negative feelings towards the baby in the dream .

Scotland in the dream probably refers to things associated with Scotland. It is a remote and rather cold climate. That links to the new feelings forming within the dreamer. The wireless networks in the mind of the dreamer were not as prolific and numerous as she thought. In fact on the day of the dream she did not manage to connect to any wireless Internet links.

Symbolic Meanings
BABY : "something new - in this case a new interest in wireless computers"
SCOTLAND : "a lack of momentum due to the cold climate - captures the dreamers feelings about wireless"
SCOTLAND : "remote and rural - captures the feelings about her ability to connect to other computers"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have just become interested in wireless Internet. But as things stand I think I will be disappointed. I do not think its all that good"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into a new interest

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