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Huge cliff dream

THE DREAM I was passing a place I used to go to all the time. I was jealous at all the things I was missing out on. They seemed to be all kinds of activity there such as a drama club and there was plenty of people there.

Later I am in a police station sat waiting. There are some people there who I seem to make a strong connection with. They look like drug users but they seem OK. Then there is something about prescription drugs - maybe I need them.

Later I am in some kind of tree. I notice that on one side there is a huge cliff and I am scared of heights. On the other side there is a garden of someone's house. But I then notice that the tree is huge and I have no way of getting out of the tree. The fall is too high. I know that I will need help from someone. I am thinking how and when I could get help.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was starting to realise that he was stuck in life. He suffered terrible mental health problems and talked to virtually no one. He realised that if he was to progress he would need help of someone - he was not capable of doing things on his own.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The first thing to establish in any dream analysis is the subject of the dream. What issue is the dream about in real life? In real life the dreamer was missing the place in the dream and was jealous of all the activities that he was missing out on. Maybe the dream is simply about this as his feelings connected with this place were very strong. So it seems possible that the dream is about his thoughts about this place now that he had stopped going there.

The last portion of the dream involves a storyline where the dreamer gets stuck up a tree. However just ignore that storyline and see what the dream is referring to. The only relevant part of this tree part of the dream is the phrase "I know that I will need help from someone. I am thinking how and when I could get help." This simple phrase simply captures this thought "I am very depressed and unhappy. I cannot solve these problems myself. I need the help of someone else." yet the dream chooses to express this feeling in a completely different setting. That is how the dream mind works.

The middle portion of the dream is less clear and the dreamer had trouble with this. He associated the people in the police station a the type of people he felt at home with, people with drug problems. The dream could capture this type of thought "I seem to be slipping into a lifestyle that involves drugs and problems. I am in danger of becoming"

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