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I couldn't see dream

This dreamer was "disturbed" at the time of the dream. The guns and bullets may be seen as a symbol of that state of mind.

DREAM - I couldn't see I remember I was going to have company or I was going to have to see someone who I did not want to see me like this. I went into my garage navigating by holding the side of the car and then I went into the back yard. My eyes were closing and I couldn't get them to open all the way. I was so confused and I had to keep using my hands to open them but they wouldn't focus right and it was too bright out. Then the dream changed and I was in a basement telling my friends that I didn't want to play games with real guns any more because I guess we had been playing manhunt or tag with bullets and real guns. They thought I was a pussy for wanting to stop playing.

This dream was posted on on the October 3, 2012, 07:03 by . It was viewed 11 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I am currently in a state of mind that is ruining my life so I am trying to find a way to get my brain to rewire itself

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Its easy to see how your dream portrays the background info you posted. The dream portrays you feeling embarrassed about yourself in some way because you appear to be not quite right.

The gun and your friends is interesting. It shows that you are aware that if you are not quite thinking straight then you need to be cautious and not get involved in situations where your 'brain' might lead you astray.

Personally I think you will be OK. You obviously seem to be able to identify when things are going wrong. We all get carried away by the people we meet. Overcoming peer pressure is one of the hardest things to do...
COMMENT Thanks for your analysis I think you're right. Getting into a dangerous situation is one of my concerns and peer pressure is the reason for a lot of my troubles

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