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Nazi Germany dream analysis

A dream about Nazi's was linked to the dreamers traumatic past.

THE DREAM - It was a dream about the last days of Nazi Germany. I was helping the former Nazis escape and form a new regime.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had a very difficult past and was getting help recover from the traumas that had blighted his life. He had got into some bad habits and needed to just sweep away the past. Recently he was noticing how he was not really changing. Many of his bad habits were still to be seen. His personality had been damaged by years of traumas.

THE INTERPRETATION We use the term regime in many different ways. We refer to the Nazi regime as in this dream. We also use the term much more loosely - to describe the general rules which govern our lives. We may say that the office manager runs a very strict regime.

In this dream the Nazi regime could represent some bad memories from the past - this would be an excellent symbol for the hard and tortuous life that the dreamer lived. The dream saw the Nazi regime as an excellent symbol for his situation. It was decided that the Allied Governments after the war could never deal wit the Nazis. They should be entirely swept away. This was an excellent symbol for the dreamer whose childhood was so traumatic and his personality so damaged that everything had to be started from scratch. Therefore allowing Nazis through to start again instead of routing them out was a symbol of he bad habits which he was starting to creep back in.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
NAZI: "Bad times and bad habits which need to be totally swept away"
REGIME:"The living conditions that the dreamer lived under"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following thoughts that the dreamer had - "I have had a terrible past and need to just sweep away everything that happened then. I have got to think in new ways and get rid of all those bad habits I have"

See how the different symbolic meanings join together form the dreamers thoughts about his life

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