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Refitting work to be done

A refitting dream took place as the dreamer was trying to make some changes in her own life.

THE DREAM In this dream I was back at my work in my workplace giving instructions about the refitting work to be done. There were purple and lilac paint patches on the walls of each room to test the colour and I noticed no room was finished.

As I passed through the layout my brother was there working on fixing a wall so I stopped and talked to him briefly. He didn't see it as an issue that he was there - he was just doing his bit and then he moved on and was gone.

I made a mental note his approach was pragmatic and practical. I knew in my heart it was best to let him get on with it and not fuss. I did not see him leave.

I smiled in this dream as he was the last of my family I wanted to face emotionally as I move into my new life. His presence in my life was positive and benign in this dream so this dream was a comfort to me.

The rest of this dream was full of reconstruction work at every level but this scene is the only one that was really important to me. The rest was just dabbling with what might be possible.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I am moving forward in my life and need to be sure past emotional issues with members of my family have been bench marked for future reference. Many of them cannot be resolved.

In my plans there are some family members I do not want in my future life because their presence is toxic for me.

This dream is part of a series about my family and I am OK with them all. I know who I am and who is going forward with me even though I am not sure of my destination. I have already trusted that to God's unknown way so that means it's the right one.

Posted at February 8, 2012, 15:03 by iceberg rose

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