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Teacher talking to me dream

The monsters in this dream were symbols for the monsters in her mind and with that her mental health problems.

THE DREAM There was a teacher there and she was talking to me. (I felt very uncomfortable about this during the dream and its a feeling I get a lot in reality as I get easily intimidated by people who are more educated than me). There was some kind of racecourse there and I saw these trees moving and swaying in the wind. They had a monster like quality to them but they were also beautiful. They made me think of photography which I used to do a lot.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had a terrible inferiority complex. The dream reminded him of his real life phobias concerning people who were more educated than him. The photography was just one of his interests. The monsters were a symbol of the dreamers mental health problems - 'monsters of the mind'.

The racecourse is a symbol of competition and the fear of people better than him. So the dream was probably touching on 'achieving' in life. Overall the dreams symbolic meanings probably deal with this kind of thought - 'I have a terrible inferiority complex and its stopping me from doing the things that I enjoy.'

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