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A farming cooperative dream

A dream which inspired feelings of trust and belief in people took place the day after the dreamer felt inspired by her counsellor who was treating her for depression.

DREAM - A farming cooperative I was dreaming about my counsellor (who I see for depression in real life). She seemed to be helping me set up a farming cooperative(I am not a farmer and have no connection with farming). She was helping a group of farmers band together and pay for the collective costs. We paid for seeds and things like that. There was a feeling of trust and belief in people.

This dream was posted on on the September 30, 2012, 22:07 by Farmer Jiles . It was viewed 3 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I saw my counsellor the night before. She was quite inspirational and helped me feel much better about the future.

For me this was a very positive dream. The woman in the dream is my counsellor - I discuss my problems with depression with her.

What came across was the following values and feelings

TRUST: In banding together to pay costs people were trusting each other

BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER: The dream emphasized people being brought together. The farmers were banding together for the betterment of all. That is something important for me in real life as I need to develop more friendships and trust people more.

INVESTING IN PEOPLE: I had a sense that my counsellor was paying all the costs involved and did not mind because it was worth it. She was investing in people - the rewards would be achieved in the long run.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Its an interesting metaphor. A farming cooperative though does involve all the keys values that are relevant to you right now in helping you with your depression - trust, valuing people, investing in people, building for the future.

Farms have a particular significance here. I have often noticed that farms are often linked to real life teachers. A teacher tries to nurture new ideas and ways of thinking... they encourage people. That's what your counsellor is also trying to do... nurture new ideas and ways of thinking

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