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Dream - a right pervert

THE DREAM - I was stood outside a neighbors home from when I was a child. A beautiful woman lives there with her husband. I always had a bit of a thing for her. I saw them having sex through the window and I felt like a bit of a pervert peeping through the window. I thought I had been caught and felt quite panicky.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been looking at a pretty womans facebook. He did not personally know her, she was a friend of a friend. He definitely fancied her. But the dreamer was having some strong fantasies about her. He felt quite like a bit of a pervert about it. He realised it was an unhealthy and obsessive interest.

THE INTERPRETATION during dreams we judge ourselves and we can be a very harsh judge. Prior to this dream the dreamer had been wondering about his fantasies about a woman he knew from Facebook. He was fascinated with her and was having some strong fantasies about her. This dream about peeping on a beautiful woman was his own admission that these fantasies were a little unhealthy.

The dream features the dreamer worried that he might be seen as a peeping Tom. That was never the case in real life. In reality all he had done was look at some pictures on Facebook. He was never in danger of being caught doing something illegal. Yet the dream hints at his admission that his mind was developing an unhealthy interest.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have got a real crush on her. Thinking about it I feel a bit pervy."

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