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Thought I would die - dream analysis

THE DREAM I had a dream about falling off a vertical cliff face. I started to fall and expected to die but in fact I lived.

REAL LIFE The dreamer was training to be in the Territorial army. He was learning to overcome his fears.

DREAM ANALYSIS Many people get the falling from a cliff dream or some variation on it. For most people this is a dream about the dreamers fears and anxieties. For this dreamer it has a different meaning because he survives. If you did survive from a situation like this then surely you would start to feel confident and you would start to ignore any fears. Actually this dream shows the dreamer becoming hardened to any fears. One quality you need to develop in the army is to stay calm when under attack. If someone is shooting at a soldier then they have got to learn to shoot back not shrivel up in panic. This is what this dream is about.

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