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Dream - pet stag

This dream took place as the dreamer was trying to stay celibate. Try to spot symbols which are symbols of sexual desire such as antlers.

THE DREAM Somewhere very dark is a tree bare of leaves. I sit near the top of the tree. As I look about the tree shapes start to appear on every main branch connected directly to the trunk. They are all the same. They are black stags with antlers of ten points. I turn to the branch opposite me which holds the nearest black stag. As I gaze in fear the black stag opens it eyes which are also black or rather devoid of colour. Slowly turning and stretching its neck the black stag begins to nuzzle my hand like a much loved pet.

THE REALITY The dream was linked to the dreamers desire to fight his own ego states. He had become celibate in order to control and transform his own sexual energy in a Gnostic way. He had mentioned this to a woman who was chasing him at the time. However, this woman was also very much an intellectual rival.

THE INTERPRETATION Well dreams like this show the immense difficulty of dream interpretation. If dreams symbolise your thoughts then how could the mind symbolically represent such a dream. The dreamer connected the issues with this subject. There are several good links. The antlers are a symbol both of sexual desire and also rivalry so that neatly links with two issue the dreamer had to control in relation to his own ego.

The tree can often symbolise many things. But it can also deal with deeply rooted issues. Here it may represent the dreamers own growth or body . The bare leaves may symbolise the stripping away of his own ego.

Its a difficult dream to interpret because it deals with such conceptual issues. But do not expect the decoding of dreams to be easy. This dream demonstrates it is often difficult.

Also note that everything is connected in the tree. The branches are very much linked. That shows how the dream is making connections between one part of his life and putting ideas into practice.

Symbolic Meanings
ANTLER : "the dreamers own sexual desire"
NUZZLE : "the temptation to sex"
TREE : "sexual tension - probably the tree stands for a phallic symbol"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I keep trying to fight my own ego states. I am trying to become celibate in order to transform my sexual energy into creative energy. A woman has been chasing me recently and so its been a real challenge to stay clear of sex."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

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