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Man staring at me in my house - dream analysis

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THE DREAM - I am in my house and suddenly I see a man staring in. He is a total stranger but whichever room I go in there is this man staring in. I cannot get away from him

THE REALITY The dreamer was continually unable to face a problem in her life.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamer was unable to face a problem in her life. The man looking in represented the problem. And because he wouldn't go away she was having to deal with it. In this case its important to home in on the emotions which the dream evokes. The man was invading her home - just by looking in. The problem was now a major hindrance within her life. In dreams like these the problem itself is not mentioned - its all symbolic.

Symbolic Meanings
HOUSE : "how you approach some situation - your personality"
MAN : "pressures on you to act in a certain way"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am simply not willing to face up to this problem in my life"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his own behavior

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