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Avoid Darleks on main street - dream analysis

Dreams reflect reality in an emotional sense. In this dream there are enemies everywhere whilst in real life the dreamer felt a similar he had no friends he could rely on.

THE DREAM I was in the main street in town. I was rushing about enthusiastically trying to avoid alien enemies. They were Darleks - though they did not look like Darleks(They were telephone boxes).

THE REALITY The dreamer had just had a disappointing day the day before. That weekend he was having to mix with people that he really felt socially intimidated by. He really had not succeeded in the way that he had wished. He felt totally out of his depth. He felt as if he had nothing in common with those around him.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams use symbols in ways which can often be translated into phrases which make total sense. An alien after all is something few if any of us have met. We have nothing in common with them and they seem like a different species. This dreamer felt as if some people he had just met were like aliens. They were so different from him that he had nothing at all in common with them.

Symbolic Meanings
ALIENS : "Feeling as if he had nothing in common with some people he had just met. They were so totally different from him that they seem like a different species."
ALIEN ENEMY : "Feeling quite intimidated by the people he had just met"

TOWN CENTRE : "The busy social atmosphere he had just been in"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - " I felt really out of place. I did not get on with any of them and really felt intimidated. But I will not give up "

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

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