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A perfect fit - dream analysis

THE DREAM - I was in a local street. I had just been in a bus. I was also in a house - it had a good vibe to it. I kind of jumped or sank into this chair and it perfectly fitted me. Later I was in this street and investigating local history. I was saying that I knew about his and that. I looked at this house and I was saying it was on Queen street. We had a discussion on it and I did not know so much about it. It was on a street called new college Queen Street. It was unknown to me.

GUESSWORK For the last few weeks the dreamer had been watching some videos about aliens from outer space "Anicent Aliens". The argument was that the history of man had been shaped by aliens. The dreamer was really getting into these ideas. Just the previous night she was thinking deeply about this theory and was starting to rethink her understanding of history entirely. She was also interested in local history and felt that she knew a lot about it.

1. Local history. Talking about local history in one dream linked to the dreamers recent interest in alternative history. Dreams will make such loose connections. Actually, the dreamer was interested in local history as well and felt that she knew quite a lot about the subject. Just recently though she had also become interested in alternative history and in particular a theory that the entire course of human history had been shaped by aliens who had guided us technologically and taught us religion. For the dreamer this was a major shift in her ideas. The previous night she was really feeling as if everything that she knew about history had to be rethought.
2. Not knowing as much as you think you do. In the dream the dreamer realises that she does not know as much as she thinks that she does. This captures her exact feelings from the night before when she had been thinking about history. She was watching some TV program about alternative history which argued that aliens from outer space had shaped our history. So when a dream parallels real life in such a way its a very clear indication that the dream is about this in some way.
3. Chair fits perfectly. During the dreamer the dreamer falls into a chair which fits perfectly. The dreamer explores the idea that something fits exactly and perfectly. In real life this was something which the dreamer had felt the previous night when she was watching a TV program about alternative history. The ideas explored here not only convinced her (and so were an exact fit in explaining the truth) but they also suited her personality. She was into exploring the unknown and paranormal.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a letter the dreamer had read the previous day . It deals with the following themes.
- Something which 'suits' the dreamer perfectly.
- An interest in history
- Not knowing as much as you think you do.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been watching these programs on Ancient aliens which state that aliens guided us in the distant past and taught us about technology. This is really interesting to me as I like things like that. But I am also starting to really believe these ideas. They clash a great deal with my interest in conventional history"

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