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Dream - dirty goats

THE DREAM - First, I had a dream that I giant herd of goats was slowly going down the street. They somehow all ended up in my backyard. I looked outside and remember feeling shocked and a little scared. They were all just sort of standing around. They hadn't come up onto the deck. My dad told me that I should let them in one at a time and clean them up. They came to the back door one at a time, and I pulled off their horns and coats and they turned into a bunch of adorable St. Bernard puppies. My dad was in the kitchen, so after undressing the first two puppies,I yelled for my dad to come look because they were adorable, but he just mumbled something and wouldn't come look. Then I went to the basement where my bedroom normally is, except the bed was turned around. Normally I put the bed in the corner so that I can see all of the doors to my room (there are 3), so it felt pretty awkward. My mom was laying on one side of the bed, and my dad on the other. I lay myself down in between them on my back. Then I noticed a cute little mouse hanging onto a string that was hanging from the ceiling. I told my mom in an urgent way. Then my mom said, "Of course there is a mouse, your father made that wall so thin that anything could get in." Then I grabbed the mouse, which is all I remember.

THE REALITY The dreamer was home for Thankgiving and her parents house was infested with mice. The dreamer was a vegetarian and had a problem with the mice being killed.

THE INTERPRETATION In the modern society we live in most people do not have to kill anyone or anything. Meat eaters do not have to kill the food that they eat. One exception is mice and rats. If you have an infestation of any kind then you will have to clear it by killing the creatures. If you are vegetarian like this dreamer then the prospect of killing these poor defenceless mice is quite daunting.

The goats seem to be symbols for the mice. They are dirty, which is a symbol for the mice's dirty habits. The goats turn into puppies. That a clear symbol which helps tap into the feeling "mice make adorable little pets." That is how dreams work, they will point to something similar. The goats turn into puppies. The dreamer's father sees the goats as dirty just like the mice. The dreamer sees the goats as adorable little pets like puppies. Indeed any people have pet mice.

The focal point of the dream is when the dreamer is when the dreamer talks to her father but he just mumbles. That portion just replays the dreamers attitude towards killing the mice. She believes that the mice are adorable just like the puppies. Her father in real life was grumpy and disinterested in any thoughts like "these cute little mice" or "how can we kill those poor defenceless creatures."

One more thing can be said of the goat herd. They are not particularly dirty but they are not really the kind of thing that you would want in your home. The same can be said of the mice. Mice are not that bad, but you would not want one in your home.

The backyard is an interesting symbol as well. People often use the term "not in my backyard" to express a feeling like "mice are not that bad but I would not like them in my backyard."

Notice how the goats are let into the house one at a time. That could hint at the following type of feeling "one mouse is not too much problem but if they start breeding then it could cause havoc and you are really in trouble." The goats are symbols for the mice so "lots of goats" is a symbol for "lots of mice."

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