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Dream symbols - pet dog barking

This dream plays out fears about the day to come.

THE DREAM - I am in some college. I busy doing something when I realise that I have to get back for my gas servicing. I am having an anxiety attack. Then I am am in in the flat of Rachel from Friends. Also there is my best friends mother from back in school. Their family pet is a lovely creature but it is barking. The dream ends with the dog barking very loudly as I look right into its eyes.

THE REALITY The dreamer suffered from extreme anxiety attacks. A workman was due to call the next day to do the gas servicing. The dreamer did not like people entering his home. It was a major phobia which caused anxiety attacks. He realised that this fear was out of all proportion to reality. He had recently been filling his day quite well with various activities.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are very much in the here and now. Most dreams are about things that have just happened or worries about things that are about to happen. Try to see which way your mind is pointing. If you are focused on the day to come then its likely that any dreams will be about your worries or hopes for the day to come.

This dreamer suffered from extreme anxiety attacks. He did not like people entering his home and so the gas servicing the next day was causing him lots of stress. If we work on the theory that dreams are caused by the things that are occupying your intuitive mind then its easy to see what the dream means.

The dream is an assessment of the dreamer about how bad things will be. The dog is a friends pet and therefore there is nothing really to fear. Yet the dog does bark and look the dreamer intensely in the eye. So the dreamer is realising that he is in for a tough day. So dreams represent our complex and balanced judgement - in this case it represents the following thought "I know I have nothing to be really scared about but I do get very anxious when people come into my house".

The dreamer felt that the college represented his current activities. He had been filling his time well recently and did not want to stay in because he had so much to do. His mind was very much elsewhere.

Dream Symbols
COLLEGE :"The dreamer had been filling his time well recently. He was having to stay in when he wanted to be out"
BARKING DOG :"The dreamer knows he is going to have a rough day ahead"
GAS SERVICING :"This is a good clue - linking to a real issue in the dreamers mind"
PET :"The dreamer is aware that his gas servicing will not be as bad as he thinks"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I really do not like people entering my home. I hate this gas servicing. I know it will not be as bad as I fear it will be. But I will be anxious all day waiting for it."

See how the different symbolic meanings join together to form the dreamer assessment of the day ahead.

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