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Submarine dream

To understand a dream you must make associations with the symbols. This dreamer made a connection between TV in the dream and some thoughts about TV the night before. She had become very socially isolated and had come up with the plan to replace people with TV.

THE DREAM The dream featured Simon Cowell in some way (he is featured on a reality show that I am a keen fan of). He was giving advice - he was recommending an engineer for a submarine. He had great confidence in this person's ability to fix this submarine.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been suffering badly from depression. She had become very socially withdrawn. She decided to try to occupy herself by watching reality shows. They would help fill the void in her life. She was trying to replace people with TV shows. She was quite confident that this idea would work. She also mentioned that she was scared by the whole idea of submarines. She thought of them as coffins - she would never want to sail in one.

1. REALITY SHOW: Dreams often use associations. If you can associate any strong feeling with a symbol then it may have a meaning which is integral to your dream. In the last few days she had been thinking about reality shows and saw these as a cure for her depression and social withdrawal. This is not a coincidence. The dream features something which has been a key part of her thinking. The dream may easily link to this thought about her depression and the part that reality shows would play in helping her cope.
2. ADVICE: The dream features advice and this symbol fits in quite nicely with the issue we have guessed has triggered the dream. The dreamer was thinking about reality shows and was giving herself 'advice' to help cope with her depression.
3. CONFIDENCE: In the dream Simon Cowell has great confidence in the engineer he recommends. Dreams will use symbols in this way. In reality the dreamer had great confidence in reality shows to provide the cure. In the dream Simon Cowell had confidence in the engineer. Its the dream minds way of saying "I really think this idea of watching reality shows will help me cope with my depression".
4. SUBMARINE: The dreamer was scared by the whole idea of submarines. Indeed the whole story seems bizarre - Simon Cowell recommending someone to fix a submarine (of course he is such an expert on the subject). You could even say this is a ridiculous idea.

DREAM MEANING - if you weave together the dreams symbols and relate them to reality then you will find that the dream captures this prominent thought which was forming in the dreamers mind - "I have become so socially withdrawn and depressed. I have decided to watch TV reality shows to help me cope. I know this sounds bizarre but I am confident that this will work. If it does not then I will end up hopelessly depressed."

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