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Dream symbolism - men huddled together

Studies have shown that if you have a dream where men are grouped together you may have been thinking about "the male opinion" on something or the "male viewpoint."

THE DREAM I am in a public house type place. There are four men sat down who are closely huddled together. They are sat shoulder to shoulder. Then there are four women and they are sat together somewhere else and they too are closely sat together in a very compact way.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer bumped into a woman that he was attracted to. He had previously tried to make moves on her but had now given up. This time he just ignored her. He sensed that she was interested but they were actually very different people and found it difficult to find any common ground.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Groups of people tend to link to generalized behavior - they link to how we should act in any given situation. Here the four men and four women sit separately. They are tightly grouped together. So this shows that the attitudes of the dreamer and the woman he was attracted to about how they should behave were very different. This dream does not feature any concrete link to the issue. But many dreams will link to issues from the day before as we sort through all the things that happened the day before and reform our emotions.

This dream dealt with a male and female theme and so maybe links to relationships with the opposite sex. So its likely that this dream does link to the issues mentioned as the symbols are at least "highly consistent" with this current issue.

Symbolic Meanings
MEN : "the way men are expected to behave in matters of love"
WOMEN : "the way women are expected to behave in matters of love"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I bumped into her again. I was attracted to her but really we are very different people. I do not see that we have anything in common. I think she is definitely showing interest but I am trying to send signals out that I am not interested"

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