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New York City dream

THE DREAM I was running through new York city with a baby in my hand late at night. There were construction workers everywhere and lights. An orange light stood out the most. Everyone had on orange. Then I arrived at my boyfriends house. I went inside, still with the baby in my hand and began to look for him. By this time it was early in the morning. When I found him. I can't remember what happened after I seen him. I just remember me and him was running again through the city in the middle of the night. But this time there were no one else outside. And all the buildings were grey. The buildings stood out because they look as if they were going to fall over. We stopped at a bridge and just looked out at the water. Then we arrived back to his house and his family was there. It was like a family reunion. I still had the baby in my hand. It was a baby girl and I wouldn't let anyone hold her. There was a table filled with food and we all got on line to make our plates. The first thing that was on the table was potatoes. I put one on my plate and blood was dripping out of the middle of it. I split it in half and blood poured out. Someone from behind the table took the potatoes off the table and put out something that was black. a solid black color (it looked like a ham covered in motor oil) That was pretty much the end of my dream. a lot of other things happened. It felt like I was on a journey.

THE REALITY On the day before the dreamer and her boyfriend got into a huge fight. She did worry about losing him afterwards.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want my boyfriend to know exactly how I feel. I have to argue with him to get my point across. But I do not want to push things too far and lose him""

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams are often caused by events from the previous day. In this case something very big happened so it is pretty likely that the dream is about this. The dream also features the dreamer was chasing her boyfriend so this link alone would probably establish the dream as being in some way connected to the dreamers feelings about this argument with her boyfriend.

In the dream the dreamer is trying desperately to find her boyfriend. That shows that she really does not want the relationship to break up. Often when we argue we have to push people to the limit. But in arguing we can end up breaking the relationship up. It is a fine line and its easily crossed. Here the dreamer realises how much she would miss her boyfriend.

Food in dreams can give up some clues. Here potatoes are part of your essential daily diet. Here they may point to the dreamers need to continue her relationship because he is an essential part of her life.

New York is a common symbol in dreams. We often dream of places beginning with NEW. They signal that we are in some way in a new place in our minds. Here they symbolise the state of mind the dreamer is in after the argument. She is forging a new course. So when you get a dream involving New York then look for that new path that is being forged. The dream will relate to that in some way.

Symbolic Meanings
FAMILY REUNION : "the dreamer comes to her senses. She overcomes her anger towards her boyfriend and has a more balanced outlook"
NEW YORK CITY : "a new feeling within you - the dreamer has forged a new path by arguing"
POTATOES : "essentials - her boyfriend is an essential part of her life "

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