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Boyfriend slams on brakes dream

Dreams link together behaviour which is similar yet slightly different. In the dream the dreamer's boyfriend slammed on the brakes - this could be a symbol for behaviour which is similar. In this case it seems to portray his stubborness and wish to get his own way.

THE DREAM - I was in a car with my boyfriend. He was driving. He was telling me I should do this and then do that. Finally I start arguing back and then he suddenly slams on the brakes.

THE REALITY The dreamers boyfriend liked to be in control and resisted any efforts to share decisions.

THE INTERPRETATION The car is being driven by the dreamers boyfriend because generally it was him who took any decisions. The moment she tries to argue back the whole situation comes to a standstill. This shows that the dreamers boyfriend is a control freak who cannot stand any kind of compromise.

Symbolic Meanings
BOYFRIEND : "your unconscious feelings about your boyfriend"
BRAKES : "her boyfriends inability to compromise over anything"
CAR : "the general direction of your life"
SLAM : "leave in anger"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "my boyfriend does not like me thinking for myself and making any decisions in our relationship"

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