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Free chocolate cake - dream analysis

A dream where the dreamer feels imprisoned took place as she had been feeling resentful at her husband who had taken opportunities away from her. The dream could be seen as a metaphor for those feelings of resentment.

THE DREAM My husband didn't believe that I had done something I said I did. He challenged me to prove it, so we went to the restaurant. I was bare foot and worried that I couldn't go in without shoes - then I found a pair of red shoes and put them on so we could go inside.

We went into a nice Restaurant. I brought to the table 3 Chocolate desserts from a food bar that were FREE.

Before I could take a bite, Jim angrily snatched, stole, all three desserts from me and threw them to the floor. I said, "What's the matter with you? They were FREE!" That they were free was not important to him. I felt a sense of capture and only wanted my freedom and got up and left the table - I did not look back.

GUESSWORK The day before the dreamer spent a lot of time putting together a resume for a job which her husband wanted her to get but which she did not want. The dreamer started to think about how she had tried to follow a career path years before. Her husband stopped her getting the qualifications needed. The dreamer is now bitter that he stopped her then and feels that he has imprisoned her. Now she feels that if she did have the financial independence she would leave him. She has started to build up a major resentment towards him.

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1. CAPTIVE. This is the major part of the dream and makes it easy to interpret. The dreamer feels captive and resentful towards her husband. This merely mirrors real life in an obvious way. This shows that on this day the dreamer was building up a major resentment towards her husband. This is linked to the job that he was now making her apply for which she did not want.
2. CHOCOLATE. Chocolate desserts are pleasant and here they surely symbolise something that is pleasing and enjoyable. In this case they represent the dreamers wish to pursue a career that she wants. Something that she clearly enjoys.
3. RED SHOES. The dreamer feels unprepared without shoes. In this case the lack of shoes represents her own inability to follow the direction she wanted to. The shoes are red which is a vibrant and positive color. This represents the positive mood that following her own career path would have given her.
4. STOLEN. The husband steals something from his wife. This represents her resentment as she feels he has 'stolen' an opportunity from her to pursue her own chosen career path.
5. FREE. The items were free. This maybe represents little by itself but the story in the dream represents this thought "They were free so why would he refuse those. Its not logical". It is combined with controlling behaviour and resentment.
DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers resentment the previous day. The dream deals with the following themes
- resentment towards her husband
- her husbands illogical behaviour
- the dreamers lack of preparation

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I got really resentful yesterday towards my husband. I now feel that he is holding me captive. If I had been allowed to build up my own skills and follow my own career path then I would have the financial independence to leave him."

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