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Endless marching dream

THE DREAM I am on this endlessly long road. It seems to last all day. I walk along past security guards who I fear. I start to feel desperate as the dark descends and I am totally lost. Then I start marching shouting 1234(in real life a schizophrenic man in town shouts this when he gets desperate). Finally he hears this child's voice which sounds fun. Around the corner comes this lion or wolf type creature. He puts his fingers towards its mouth petting it like a dog yet it bit him on the left hand.

THE REALITY The dreamer was suffering serious anxiety. His strange behavior had led to him been falsely accused of pestering a woman. He was desperately trying to avoid going near this woman or doing anything that couldbe interpreted in the wrong way. This was freaking him out and everyday he had to walk around to relieve the stress. He really did not know what to do - he had always kept away from her. If he started being nice to her then people would misinterpret this as sexual harassment.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams often dwell on recent thoughts. This dreamer was accused of pestering a woman and felt this was false. Yet he realised the tremendous stress was making him obsessed about her. He walked around and could not stop thinking about her. The endless march just felt like his endless walking to relieve the stress.

The dream featured a man who was severely mentally ill. He dealt with stress by shouting 1234 down the main street. The dreamer was comparing his own behavior to this man.

The security guards represented the dreamers stress as he felt everyone was watching him. He felt that everyone was trying to protect this woman and was watching him. Hence the security guards were feared.

The dreamer was realising that he had to stop his relentless marches as he tried to deal with these accusations. Dream Dictionary Meanings
ENDLESS MARCH: Easy to explain as the dreamer had been walking endlessly to relieve stress which was exhausting him.
MARCHING MENTALLY ILL MAN: the dreamer was comparing his own walking to the obsessive marching of a local man who was severely mentally ill. He was asking himself if he was like that.LEFT HAND: Maybe a wordplay. The dreamer could not wait for the end of the day when everyone had gone(left).
WOLF: Relentlessly warn down.
DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am being falsely accused. I hate it and do not know what to do. I want to go and confront this woman but know its best not to. If I am nice to her then people will misinterpret this and think I am sexually harassing her."

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers assessment about his reaction towards false accusations

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