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Dream - coyotes

In real life this dreamer had been focusing on what someone said the day before. The coyotes in this dream seem linked to someone behaving very selfishly.

THE DREAM - I had a dream where baby coyotes were growing into adults

THE REALITY The dreamer had been on the internet the day before and was shocked by a woman who was talking about her boyfriends child. She said that he should dump the child and that the mother had probably lied about him being the father. She thought this woman was terrible - heartless and uncaring. She then went on to think that it is this kind of behaviour which causes children to grow up with no sense of family and responsibility.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will often link to events and thoughts that are fresh in your mind. In this case the dreamer had been horrified about what someone had said on an internet forum. This woman had been talking in such a selfish and uncaring way. Dreams use symbols to express new feelings and so its easy to see how the coyotes in this dream links to this woman's selfishness. Coyotes are not popular and tend to be seen as scavengers. They are not associated with romance and courage - unlike lions and tigers.

The dream also features baby coyotes growing into adults. The dreamer had been thinking about the effects that selfish and uncaring behaviour have on children who learn to act in similar ways to those around them. Baby coyotes growing up into adults is an excellent symbol for this idea. If a child is brought up in a selfish and uncaring environment then it will grow to have similar morals.
Symbolic Meanings
BABY COYOTE GROWING INTO ADULT: Thinking about how children are brought up.
COYOTE : Acting in a selfish and uncaring way

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer "I was on the internet yesterday and this woman on a forum was talking about her boyfriends child. She said that he should dump the child and that her mother had lied about him being the father. I thought she was horrible. She was heartless and uncaring. There is no wonder that children grow up with no sense of family and responsibility"

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