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Protecting you

In real life the dreamers son had just died. This dream plays out some of the important questions and emotions on her mind

DREAM - Protecting you Dreamt that friends son and his wife were taking us to there house to meet with their Mother who I had not spoken to since my son's funeral. She is from Yorkshire and calls a spade a spade but after my son died she was using a shovel, everything she said was wrong totally wrong. His wife was driving when it started to snow and she asked her husband to drive and he refused and they started to argue then they started to argue with us and accused us of leaving for my son's funeral without them and how Blair used me that he did not work took drugs and when I protested that I knew all Blair's faults and good points I knew who Blair was but he was dead and I was not going to dig them all up as he had a really good side, to him we fell out and they put us out of their car and we had to walk in the snow. Alan stopped a car and the people gave us a lift they were so kind that they insisted in taking us home but before they did that they stopped off at there home and Elaine and Cameron who we had just fought with were there neighbours. We offered to get out and get a taxi but they refused to hear of it and insisted on giving us a lift home and they said that there neighbour had funny ideas that Elaine was lovely on the surface but not so nice underneath. Then I woke up proper.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Blair my son who had recently died was on my mind I was missing him. I had gone up Arthur seat with Alan and Blair's Dad on Sunday and we had talked about Blair taking recreational drugs which you noticed every six to eight weeks but for the rest of the time he was normal. We talked about his lack of focus how he could not Focus for more than two hours, we talk about his creativity his kind nature his good company, his intelligence and we talked about why he never reached his potential, never really found himself, and we talked about how we were all missing him.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : I am sorry to hear that your son has died.

Its impossible to know exactly what has caused the dream. But when someone dies its very difficult to talk about it. Its difficult to know what tone to take. Your dream surely deals with this type of theme.

Should you be honest about your feelings? Should you call a spade a spade? Should you say nice things?

Some people may even say nice things but you may interpret them as sly comments. You may know what they truly think.

I always find it difficult to say anything at times of sadness. Its something that you will have to deal with even yourself. That's what has probably caused your dream. No one like to speak ill of the dead. Its difficult to know what is an appropriate thing to say.

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