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Stone grave and dark sky - dream interpretation

Dreams capture our emotions - this dream simply tapped into the dreamer good mood as she woke up

THE DREAM I started off standing up inside this stone grave thing which had its top off, and there where loads of dark figures like going around the outside of it and I was literally terrified. Then I looked up and there was this bright light in the sky and I felt so happy and calm it was amazing. Then I woke up. Its strange though that when I woke up I was ecstatic. I was happy for that whole morning.

THE REALITY Nothing much happened the day before or on the day of the dream. Yet the dreamer felt overcome with happiness.

THE INTERPRETATION Some dreams merely capture a sense of emotion. This is one such dream. This captured the dreamers mood on waking and the dream reflects the optimistic way she looked forward towards the day. The bright skies and happy feelings literally link to her own optimistic state of mind on waking. The skies are symbols of the future(as opposed to the land which links to the facts about our life).

The earlier part of the dream is probably less understandable. But graves symbolise how we are burying and letting go of bad feelings. They link with change. In this sense they capture the change in mood of the dreamer and the new optimism.

The grave may simply be a symbol of contrast. Firstly, the dream builds up tension and the dreamer is terrified. Then, this gives way to extreme happiness and relief. Often we only feel such relief after this accompanying feeling of terror. So the dream hints at a feeling like "I woke up feeling so happy. It is like I had all the troubles of the world lifted from my back."

Symbolic Meanings
BRIGHT : "capturing the dreamers feelings of enlightenment"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I woke up today and just feel fantastic today. I just feel very optimistic and happy."

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