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Old friends dream

DREAM - old friends I had a dream that my cousins blue ford focus car was sat parked outside her house ,my cousin said to a person passing by "nice new shoes Ang" only her name isn't Ang as she is my old school friend called Stephanie!.then moments later we was stood at the car and another old best friend Gemma was showing someone round the car but the car wasn't her to do that as its my cousins....I was stood there watching and then my old friend Gemma said to the person she was showing the car to they could have a drive ,so I looked at her and said you haven't even let me drive it yet.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Gemma is a old friend we haven't spoke for 2 years,we fell out because she called me a thief and she said I was trapping my boyfriend by getting pregnant. am just feeling very sad just lately with life,feel quite lonely and on my own,I have a boyfriend but I am always snapping at him ,feel we shouldn't be together ,he always moaning that I out all the time at my cousins moans when things aren't done like tea ready etc.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Understanding dreams is often quite easy. Negative dreams often just reflect negative and unhappy thoughts right now.

A former best friend can have a special symbolic meaning. It often refers to the lack of special friends right now. It means that you wish you had someone close to you. It may mean that the friends you have right now are bickering with you (so it could include your boyfriend). That you are getting the same feelings with current friends as you did from this former friend. You are on the verge of falling out with people. That kind of thing.

If you are feeling unhappy its easy to see how this dream reflects that type of feeling.

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