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Meeting grandfather - dream dictionary

A grandfather dream took place as the dreamer was feeling very old and tired - just like a grandfather.

THE DREAM - I am meeting my grandfather. The dream seems to contain great meaning. There is an almost deep mystical feel to it.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been very unwell recently. On the day before the dream this had especially hit him. He was truly feeling old.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really have been very unwell recently. I am starting to really know what its like to feel old and unwell".

THE INTERPRETATION The one major factor in understanding a dream is to know if a dream symbol has a literal or a symbolic meaning. In this sense does the grandfather link to the dreamers own grandfather or to some symbolic meaning. In this case the dreamer had no pressing issue involving his own grandfather and had not been thinking about him. So its fair to assume that the meaning is symbolic.

One symbolic meaning of grandfathers is that the dreamer feels old and unwell. In this case this was a very accurate meaning. The dreamer truly did feel unwell. His health had been especially bad leading up to the dream. So in meeting his grandfather he was truly starting to understand how it was to feel old. Indeed just like the dream he was coming face to face with such feelings.

Symbolic Meanings
GRANDDAD : "feeling old and unwell - the dreamer had been very sick recently "

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