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Dream - partisan fighters

DREAM I am part of a group of partisans and our position is being attacked by a larger army. I ask a comrade for an arm and he gives me a sub machine gun. I take position behind a tree and start shooting at the attackers, killing several of them. However, I run out of ammunition and I have to surrender. I'm taken prisoner but I'm able to escape after stabbing several guards with table knives, but I'm also wounded in the struggle. I jump into a river but after a while I realize it's too shallow for me to swim, so I get out of the water and climb into a tree. An enemy patrol comes looking for me, they discover where I'm hiding and call me by my name to surrender. I reply that I'd rather die and they shot. I wake up when I'm hit.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The dreamer was trying to socialize a litter of feral kittens. One of them was not progressing as fast as the others, so he released it. After the kitten came back and I recaptured it. However, after a week he released it again as I was not making much progress with it. The dreamer had realised that he had no option but to release it, which was a very emotional decision for him.

Dreams make associations and this dream has one interesting association. In the dream the enemy were calling out the dreamers name. In real life the dreamer was trying to socialize some feral cats. You can imagine the scene with him giving them names and trying to talk to them individually. Perhaps this links the dream to reality.

This idea seems consistent with other parts of the dream. The dream could be linked to the dreamer thinking through the eyes of the wild cat. The cat thinks like the partisan fighter which would rather die than give in. This hints at feelings like "The wild cat would simply not give in. It sees me as an enemy and predator."

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