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All the presidents dream

THE DREAM There was something about Presidents. You could trust them so far but not totally.You would let them into power and do little things. But not trust entirely. Voters were all being cautious.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had fallen out with several people. He was generally very depressed and was losing faith with friends whom he normally trusted. He was also getting disillusioned with a charity he had been helping for some time. He had also developed a new friendship. However, this had not been as fruitful as he had first believed.

DREAM ANALYSIS : This dreamer was depressed at the time. It seems an unusual symbol Presidents and voters. But it could be seen to work. Often politicians promise so much yet they fail to deliver. Then we get disillusioned. So the dream is saying that the dreamer is getting disillusioned with people and places which he had put so much faith in.

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