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Dark figures dream

THE DREAM I started off standing up inside this stone grave thing which had its top off, and there where loads of dark figures like going around the outside of it and I was literally terrified. Then I looked up and there was this bright light in the sky and I felt so happy and calm it was amazing. Then I woke up. Its strange though that when I woke up I was ecstatic. I was happy for that whole morning.

THE REALITY Nothing much happened the day before or on the day of the dream. Yet the dreamer felt overcome with happiness.

DREAM ANALYSIS Death and cemeteries in dreams can often link to the end of some phase and the start of a new one. Nothing really linked to that in real life. Yet dreams can often link to us having very strong emotions. So the dream signalled this new and very positive happy mood. Dreams capture a snapshot of our emotions so if we wake up and feel some very strong emotion for no reason then the dream is almost certainly connected to that.

Who knows why this happens. But the dream finishes on such a happy note and that certainly did capture his mood on waking up.

The sky is very much connected to the future and things that are anticipated. Rough skies can link to stress about the future whilst a beautiful sky could easily link to good feelings for the future.

Symbolic Meanings
BRIGHT : The bright lights captured the dreamers feelings of enlightenment.
CALM : This simply mirrored the dreamers overwhelming feelings of calmness when she woke up.
GRAVE : The grave is difficult to analyze. Overwhelming feelings often feature a contrast. In real life the dreamer had no contrast. But in the dream the dark graves contrast with the bright lights later on. This contrast helps exaggerate the good feelings.

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