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Saving parents dream

THE DREAM - I keep having a reoccurring dream that either my mom or dad are being eaten by different animals. One dream my mom was being carried off by a Rhino and then eaten, I tried to chase after her and help her but I gave up over a period of time. Also I had another one the following night about my dad being eaten by a bear, once again I wanted to help him but I soon gave up.

THE REALITY Recently the dreamer was feeling that she has been spending a lot of time trying to make her parents happy and to make sure that they don't do anything dumb.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams often reflect recent events and thoughts. If a dream features someone important in your life such as a parent or a girlfriend then the dream maybe about your relationship with them. Try to see how the dream could depict recent pressures and emotions. In this case the dreamer felt that her parents were needing her to be happy. So in a metaphorical sense she was constantly having to save them. The dream depicts how she feels about this as she gives up. In real life she was feeling that this was a difficult task as they always ended up doing something dumb.

Symbolic Dream Meanings
BEAR : "Possibly symbolic of the dreamers fathers own moods - bear like and grumpy"
SAVE : "Having to help out her parents who are becoming increasingly emotionally dependant upon her"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My parents seem increasingly emotionally dependant upon me. I constantly seem to be trying to make them happy or to stop them doing something dumb!"

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